Photos By Todd

Photos By Todd

This web site is an accumulation of many years of experience. Like many other photographers, I have my own specialties, interests, and style. The same subject photographed by one professional will look entirely different when taken by another professional. The perception will be varied by the artist.

I specialize in events, both candid and scenic. Some people refer to me as a "freestyle photographer." I have photographed everything from weddings to award presentations. These two particular instances are ones that I enjoy doing most.

I started early with training in black and white. My passion originated in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State in a mining town by the name of Port Henry. I worked as an understudy for a photographer by the name of Warren Dobbson of Warren Studio in Port Henry, New York. Mr. Dobbson?s specialty was studio and railroads scenes. The first camera I owned was an experiment. Most of the pictures I took I processed in my own lab. Throughout the years I developed a natural outlook of different subjects. However, my love for photography was put on hold when I joined the military.

After a lengthy career in the United Stated Marine Corps, I rediscovered my passion. The change in technology was extensive, and digital cameras took their reign in the modern world. For the last Ten years, I have shot both digital and 35MM film format, gradually advancing into the digital world. I found the transition to be unique, as most of the techniques I used in film photography can also be used in digital photography. The one principal advantage is that now I can bring my work to you at a glance. I do not enhance my digital photos; therefore you can get the raw picture as my eyes saw it through my camera.

This web site is set up to not only highlight some of the events and functions I photograph, but to allow those I have photographed the ability to see the results of my work.

Even though this site is common to Oak Harbor, Washington, (which I might add is now my home) please sit back and enjoy the photos. I hope you are as pleased as I am. Please feel free to contact me with your comments

Todd W. Martin